Tattoo After Care

After care starts as soon as the tattoo is done.

First Day

  • After one hour (once you reach your place), remove the cling wrap.

  • Gently wash the tattoo with the foam of plain Dove soap, to clean plasma and ink that comes out of the tattoo.

  • Do not apply any soap or antiseptic liquids to the Tattoo directly.

  • Let it dry for 20 minutes.

  • When the tattoo is completely dry, apply FUCIDIN cream.

Next Day/ Everyday

  • Apply a thin layer of the cream 2 to 3 times a day (applying too thick of a layer wouldn’t allow your skin to breathe).

  • Apply the recommended cream for one week.

  • From the second week, apply coconut oil/body moisturizer until healed.

  • For the first few days after you get tattooed, your skin maybe be itchy and sore. This is normal.

  • Avoid stressing the tattooed area during physical workouts.

  • A tattoo that isn’t properly cared for, can get infected. Infected skin will be red, warm, and painful. It may leak pus.

  • In case of infection, apply SOFRAMYCIN cream.

  • If it worsens, contact your doctor.


  • Do not wrap the Tattoo with anything.

  • Do not touch the tattoo.

  • Avoid exposure to dust – it could lead to an infection.

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight.

  • Avoid gymming, swimming, and any activity that causes excessive sweating.


Dermalize Pro is an all-in-one aftercare solution meant to protect your tattoo, especially in the initial stages of healing. It is waterproof and prevents external contaminants from entering the wound.

Once the artist has helped you with the application of Dermalize Pro over your tattoo, follow the below instructions to take the best care of it:

Leave it on for a minimum of 5 days.

You can still shower and the film can get wet, but avoid prolonged submersion. The self-adhesive fil can take only so much.

Avoid hot water showers.

At some point, the edges will start to peel back – just trim those edges with some scissors. Your main aim is to ensure that the wrap stays over the entirety of your tattoo. But if it peels back enough to uncover any part of your tattoo, take it off completely and wash it gently.

Once the wrap is off, make sure to keep your tattoo lightly moisturized with some coconut/baby oil, when it feels dry or tight.


In hot weather or depending on what you consume and how your body reacts to it, people are likely to get a heat rash under it, which can be mistaken for an infection. Please contact us immediately so we can take you through what you need to do in case this happens.

You can always get in touch with us for advice if you need it!