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Srikanth R

Founder and Artist of Body Arts Tattoo Studio since 2008. His exuberant energy has followed through over 13 years of rolling out great tattoos, and creating an artistic space.  Aside from making sure clients feel satisfied with the tattoos they get, he has manufactured and launched Yantra tattoo machines, a range of top-notch coil machines, while carefully observing what an artist's needs. He has trained students to achieve their best, and believes that true learning never ends.

In addition to tattooing, he loves travelling and enjoys peace.

Anthony Selvaraj

Anthony has been tattooing since 2015, and he aims to reach a higher level of realism in tattooing. He works with charcoal media to create beautiful realistic work on paper, and takes over creating realistic and abstract paintings on canvas and walls. When he’s not tattooing, he’s creating a charcoal piece of art while rolling out funny remarks


Large Scale tattoos expertise

Award Winning Artist

Pragmatic portrait works 

Sri Raj

Tattoo Artist since 2012, With a background in fine arts and a deep love for tattooing, he brings a unique blend of creativity, precision, and personalized attention to each client. Their style spans across various genres, Black & Grey, Color work, Realistic and  Semi-realistic works., ensuring a diverse portfolio that resonates with clients of all tastes 

Created India's Most popular Shiva Tattoo

Exquisite Realistic Tattoos

Large scale conceptual tattoos

Fusion of black n grey with color 

Shtokolov Sergey 

Guest Tattoo from Russia, who visits our studio in Bangalore once a year. He is specialized in Colour realism, Black & Grey work and Realistic works.


Yimchung Lims 

Meet Lims, a talented female tattoo and piercing artist known for her precision, creativity, and personalized approach. 

Elegant shoulder tattoo

Customised Mandala and eye tattoo

Bridge Piercing 

Feminine tiger tattoo