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Body Arts is the most recommended tattoo studio in Bangalore, we are a team of 10 tattoo artist, all our artist are professionals and hold many years of experience, Body arts is operating since 2008 having 16+ years of experience and we have deep knowledge in tattoo making and piercing! If you're looking for the, 'Best tattoo studio near me', your search ends here!  We use Organic ink and Disposal kit, We provide safe and best tattoo finishing using upgraded equipment, with spacious workstations and international standard setup,  Also we've well experienced Piercing Artists. As a leading Tattoo Artists in Bangalore, we are passionate about staying at the forefront of industry trends and techniques. 

International Standard Tattoo and Piercing studio 

Recent Award 

Mr. Anthony, a Award winner grabbed 1st place for the best tattoo in the Calligraphy category at the InkSoul International Tattoo Convention, which happened in Bangalore recently, in which hundreds of artists and studios participated. It all happened with our customer's blessing and we are planning to participate in many upcoming tattoo conventions and tattoo festivals that will happen worldwide. 

      Our Recent Works 

We prioritize inclusivity and comfort, we have Female tattoo artists for Private tattoo and private tattoo and piercing station exclusively for female clients ensuring complete privacy and safety. We've highly skilled Artists specializing in various tattoo category like 'Portrait' 'Realistic' 'Abstract' 'Japanese Traditional ', 'Freehand', 'Micro-Realism', 'Line Work', and many more. its customer friendly tattoo parlour in Bangalore.

We offer more than just ink; we provide a unique and unforgettable experience. Our artists specialized in customizing various tattoo designs, from intricate black and grey designs to vibrant and colorful creations. Whether you’re looking for a small, meaningful piece or a full-body masterpiece, we’re here to bring life to your vision. 

Most hygienic tattoo shop in Bangalore, Cleanliness and safety is our top priority. We follow strict hygiene standards, ensuring that every tattoo is not only a work of art but also a safe and comfortable journey. Your satisfaction and confidence is our Goal.


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we are located in Bangalore BTM Layout 2nd stage, our studio is a heaven for Self-expression and Artistry. We are a team of passionate, skilled and Award-Winning tattoo artists dedicated to turning your body into a masterpiece.

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Clean & Safe Studio In Bangalore

✅ Sterile Equipment: All equipment, including tattoo machines and grips, are thoroughly sterilized before each use. 

Single-Use Needles: We use only sterilized, single-use needles for each client. This eliminates any risk of cross-contamination and ensures safety

Ventilation and Air Quality: Our studio is equipped with advanced ventilation systems to maintain optimal air quality. Proper airflow helps reduce airborne contaminants and provides a clean, fresh environment for both clients and artists.

Aftercare Guidance: We provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing and reduce the risk of infection. 

 Tattoos are permanent, choose wisely!

Your tattoo defines you, so make it unique. We value your ideas, and will help you get an unique Piece of art. 

Most recommended studio in Bangalore

Body Arts Team


Entrepreneur, Founder of Body Arts & Yantra Creators.

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Body Arts Student from 2014, and tattooing since then. Specialized in Realistic, Black & Grey, Portraits, Color Realism, Full Sleeves & Huge Tattoo works.

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Tattoo Artist since 2012. Joined Body Arts in 2018 Specialized in Black & Grey, Color, Realistic  & Semi Realistic tattoo work.

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Guest Tattoo artist from Russia, who visits Body Arts tattoo Studio, Bangalore, once a year. Specialized in Color Realism, Black & Grey work and Realistic works.

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Meet Lims, a talented female tattoo and piercing artist known for her precision, creativity, and personalized approach. 

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Body Arts Tattoo & Piercing Studio, Bangalore .

No:773, 16th main road, 7th cross, BTM layout 2nd stage, Bangalore - 560076.

Contact: 8861711850