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Here comes an Award! Our artist, Anthony Selvaraj bagged the 1st place for the best tattoo in the Calligraphy category, at the InkSoul International Tattoo Convention, which happened in Bangalore this November, in which hundreds of artists and studios participated. It all happened with our customers' blessing, and we are planning to participate in many upcoming tattoo conventions and tattoo festivals that will happen worldwide. 


Tattoos are permanent, choose wisely.

Your tattoo defines you, so make it unique. We are a team of professional tattoo artists in Body Arts, we value your ideas, and will help you get an unique custom tattoo. 

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Customize Your Tattoo By Experts

Getting the right tattoo for you is not an easy job. Every tattoo should be unique in a way that it should represent what the bearer has in their mind. Some people will have a vague idea for the tattoo, and some people will only have a conception of the tattoo. They will find it hard to get the accurate design which will satisfy them. Our artists at Body Arts tattoo Studio are highly creative and very competent experts at customizing and materializing your concepts into actual designs, which will convey your uniqueness in every way.

Most recommended studio in Bangalore

Being the Best Tattoo Studio in Bangalore is no small feat. We did go through our own share of hardship to reach the Top. Body Arts tattoo Studio is the most recommended studio in Bangalore for the unique thinking and creativity of our artists, and the feat we take to make your tattoo completely unique and customized in every way possible which will express who you are without being said.

Affordable & customer friendly

In Body Arts Tattoo Studio, you have the freedom to express your thoughts about your tattoo. We are very malleable with designing your model version of the tattoo. Getting your dream tattoo with customized design in an affordable range is very hard. We, at Body Arts Tattoo Studio, are affordable and customer friendly in every way. You’ll find your way back to us whenever you think of getting a tattoo.

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Religious Tattoos are the most satisfying tattoo concepts ever.

We are proud that our Body Arts tattoo team is very good at inking our own version of tattoos in Religious forms-- Lord Shiva, Buddha, Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Maa Durga, Jesus, Cross, Trishul, Om are all frequently tattooed ideas at Body Arts Studio. We will customize each tattoo idea of yours to the utmost nobility that fits your religious view. 

Color Tattoos have taken a trend among youngsters like the stars on a painting.

We can point you to the Best Color Tattoos which will grab your attention. If you are searching for the Best Color Tattoos, we will ensure that the ink reflects the uniqueness of the tattoo, and make it look extremely charming on the skin. The artists at our studio are experts in mixing the colors with your ideas, to make your dream stand out of box.

Black is the color which pops up on any kind of skin tone.

Black work tattoos have come to mean something much different. The origins of the style lay within the ancient tribal tattooing. Only experienced professionals can make a Black work/linework tattoo in a meticulous manner. In terms of professionalism, Body Arts tattoo Bangalore can make it at its best. 

Small & Minimalistic tattoos are a way of life.

We will tell you that tiny tattoos are very popular — and for a good reason. No matter the size, shape or color, the ink comes across so beautifully on any part of your body, and it is also a means to convey who you are or what you are thinking without using any words. The tattoo doesn't have to be a full sleeve to express what you’re thinking, it can be as small as a peanut. Our artists at Body Arts are experts in designing minimalistic tattoos, that convey your thoughts in a unique way. Our studio in Bangalore also has female tattoo artists available.

Piercing is one of the modest and most bewitching body modifications you can get to look absolutely appealing.

Our studio has professionally trained body piercers. We maintain a hygienic process of piercing and ensure you the best outcome. We use fresh 316 grade surgical steel piercing accessories. We will make sure that you feel comfortable throughout the process, and will also ensure that you are well informed about the proper aftercare for your particular piercing. 

Body Arts Team


Entrepreneur, Founder of Body Arts & Yantra Creators.

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Body Arts Student from 2014, and tattooing since then. Specialized in Realistic, Black & Grey, Portraits, Color Realism, Full Sleeves & Huge Tattoo works.

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Tattoo Artist since 2012. Joined Body Arts in 2018 Specialized in Black & Grey, Color, Semi Realistic tattoo work.

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Guest Tattoo artist from Russia, who visits Body Arts tattoo Studio, Bangalore, once a year. Specialized in Color Realism, Black & Grey work and Realistic works.

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Tattoo Artist since 2020. Joined Body Arts in 2021. Specialized in Line work, Black & Grey, Traditional and Color tattoos.


Tattoo Artist since 2017. Joined Body Arts in 2018. Specialized in Black & Grey work and Realistic tattoos.


Tattoo Artist since 2017. Joined Body Arts in 2021. Specialized in Lining, Color, Whip Shading and Floral tattoos.

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