Tattoo Training Academy

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Welcome to the Body Arts Tattoo Training Academy!

      Join us in exploring the Tattoo World!

Our Training Academy is created to create young and talented artists who are willing to turn their passion in tattooing into reality. The main objective of Body Arts is to ignite your Potential and Creativity. 

This Course Module has been designed in a simplistic manner.

 It involves 90% of Practical Orientation, and 10% of Theory where the student can deeply involve and explore every step in Tattooing, and can achieve more knowledge. 

Faculty will observe every student individually, and the students are not taken to the next lesson until they become an expert in the given topic. 

Tattoo Artist Srikanth, The Founder of Body Arts Tattoo and Piercing Studio/Academy, started his tattooing journey in the year 2008, and it has been a non-stop hit for over 13 years. His exuberant energy has allowed him to roll out great tattoos during these years, meanwhile, creating an artistic space for himself and many talented young tattoo artists. Even though the journey was hard, he held on and managed to get Body Arts Tattoo and Piercing Studio to a place where it is considered one of the best in Bangalore.

Besides making sure that the clients were satisfied with the tattoos they get, he noticed that there were a few drawbacks with the tattoo machines available at the time. This compelled him to make his own artist-friendly and affordable tattoo machines for the upcoming tattoo artists. After a few months of trial and error, he started testing his first prototype while carefully observing what an artist needed, and launched Yantra Tattoo Machines, a range of top-notch coil machines. He is now the sole manufacturer of Yantra Tattoo Machines. He has also trained students to achieve their best, and believes that true learning never truly ends.

Advanced Tattoo Training Program

New Batch starts soon!

We have a Standard Class Setup where every student will have access to their individual work space, and all the required learning materials are provided by the academy. 

In this course, individual topics are demonstrated visually with the help of a digital projector. 

This course will be conducted by our professional tattoo artists who are well experienced in the tattoo industry.

This Course starts with the Fundamentals of Drawing

Each student will learn fundamental drawing skills such as; Shapes, Light (Value), Depths (Shading), Color Theory, Anatomy and Perspective till the students can overcome doubts about their ability to draw with accuracy and confidence. We will begin with foundational drawing skills, and later explore each subject in greater depth. We will help our students to take significant steps towards mastery, which will help them develop a personal vision, hone their unique artistic path, and gain fluency in the language of drawing. Students can take multiple classes and explore something new every time (Charcoal, Experimental drawing, Portrait drawing and more).

Introduction to the Tattoo World

Our faculty will be taking you through the Tattoo World, and will give you the knowledge in tattoo workstation, hygienic protocols, tattoo machine setup, different types of tattoo machines, needles, inks, and will help you develop discipline.

Basic Tattooing Skill Development

After stencil practice, students will start with basic lining and shading practice on artificial skin to understand the machine handling, and to achieve good flexibility. It will continue until advance level of lining and shading, and the students will be getting the knowledge in shading techniques, shading ink mixing, color ink mixing, choosing the right needles, machines, inks, and so on.

Design Customization

You will be introduced to the digital world in order to create a tattoo design. In this generation, digital tabs are the miracle tools to bring your ideas to reality. The faculty will be helping you out in learning digital design customization.

Understanding the Different Layers of Skin and Tattoo placements

Our Faculty will provide you with proper understanding of the depth in skin layers, and how to ink the tattoos at the accurate depth. We will boost your imagination on where to place the tattoo accurately on the human skin to make it look the most appealing.

Advance Level Tattooing

Once the student gains confidence and becomes an expert in the basic level, they be will be introduced to the Advance Level in Tattooing which involves Black & Grey realism, Colour Realism and Portraits. Here, the faculty will be monitoring your progress, and will help you achieve perfection. Once the staff is confident, the student will be allowed to do tattoo on live skin. 

Training in Marketing and Studio Setup

When your Passion becomes Reality, Your ability and dedication will be worth your expectation. We will be guiding in Presenting your Talent to the World and we will provide you knowledge in Building your Tattoo Carrier or Setting up your own Studio. 


The Students will be provided with Government Registered Certifications

Last Batch Student's Work after 3 months course completion. 


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