Is your Tattoo Safe just by using a Fresh Needle?

As you know, Tattoos are permanent by nature. So, Is your tattoo really safe just by using a fresh needle or is there any more information you should know before getting a tattoo?

Well, Tattoos are one of the most awesome body modification which has been embraced by the society and the people from the early ages and we've come a long way from that now. Tattoos are evolving by day, so is the art of Tattooing. the whole process of tattooing includes more than just a tattoo machine. It starts from Consultation, Finding the right design, Finding the Perfect Placement for the right design and then Inking the right design perfectly into the body.

Amid these tough times, the safety of your tattoos starts from Consultation, As to Always wear a mask while entering the Studio and to Sanitize first. Make sure, you and the artist whom you trust with your tattoos are Vaccinated and check if the surroundings are Sanitized as well. Then comes the workstation, The workstation of the artists should be sanitized before and after each and every tattoo. The Machine should be sanitized as well. Make sure the Needles and Cartridge are unsealed before starting your tattoo and make sure the artist is opening the air-packed seal right in front of you before tattooing. Artist should use new and clean gloves between each breaks along with fresh Tissues, Ink cups and Ink bottles should be kept clean at all times as well.

As from the start to the finish of your tattoo, the workstation should be maintained by a single Artist will proper hygiene and Discipline.

While coming to hygiene, there is no compromise. You have to take each and every precaution to make sure you and your tattoo are safe from everything and these are some of the hygiene's we follow at Body Arts Tattoo and Piercing Studio.

Tattooing is more fun when it's done with Proper Discipline in a Very Hygienic Place.

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