The thing about tattoos is that, it is a permanent art and your body is the perfect breathing canvas. Nowadays, tattoos are being embraced as ways of self expression. So, if you're going to get a tattoo, think twice about the design and make sure that you will never regret the Tattoo design which you have chosen. Most of the people would've thought about getting a tattoo at least once throughout their life. But, sadly not everyone can get a tattoo done in some situations. You may have your doubts about that, so here are some of the reasons regarding which people can't get a tattoo.
  1. Minors aren't allowed :

Age being one of the legal restriction. In some countries, Minors aren't allowed to get a tattoo until they reach 18. But in some countries, minors are allowed to get a tattoo with their Parental Consent. So, even if you are young and want to get a tattoo. Just have some patience and wait for the right time. In the meantime, you can also go through our tattoo collections at Body Arts Tattoo Studio Gallery and fix the right design, so that you won't have to waste any time deciding the design as soon as you major.

  1. Not sure about the Design :

Getting a tattoo is a huge commitment, even if you are getting a Large scale tattoo or a small and cute one, you have to think twice about the design before jumping in, so that you won't have any regret the tattoo design. Having a perfect design for your dream tattoo is as much important as having the right artist. Choosing the right design for your tattoo is the Hardest process. But, if you have an idea and wants to customize the design or just couldn't find the right design, You can just reach out to us. Our Artists at Body Arts Tattoo Studio are specialized in customizing your ideas into something Magnificent and Elegant as per your wishes.
  1. Running low on Cash:

Is your dream tattoo costing too much? Couldn't able to afford it yet? Don't get too excited and just get something because it's affordable. Know what you want and save up for it. Finding the right artist to do your tattoo is as important as finding the right design. Not every artist can do the same tattoo the way you wanted. If your preferred artist is costing too much, don't get that tattoo from a cheaper place.

Remember, tattoo artists put in a lot of time and effort into their craft. They are highly skilled professionals and for good art work, good price have to be paid. Be respectful enough to pay them right and show respect towards yourself as well getting a high quality piece that you'll cherish for ever.

  1. Are you Pregnant?

Getting inked can be a stressful process and as we all know, stress is especially bad for women whom are conceived. If you have tattooed prior to getting conceived, that is fine. If you're pregnant and thinking about getting a tattoo, we would advise you to wait until the baby is born, for the risks involved. Until then, you can go through our Body Arts Studio Gallery and decide which design will be perfect for your next tattoo.

5. Are you Perfectly Healthy?

Tattooing is fun. But, Health is as important as having fun. So to say, You can't get a tattoo if you have a serious Heart Condition or Diabetes, which is not under control even though you love getting tattooed more than anything. Getting a tattoo will be a long time wish for most people but, they won't act until it's too late and it will be a cause of their greatest regret. So, if you're young and medically okay and thinking about getting a tattoo, Just go for it. Our Artists at Body Arts Tattoo Studio will help you throughout the process from choosing a design till getting inked.

Truth to be said, One of the best things about getting a tattoo is that you'll be able to wear your memories longer as part of your skin. Even if the memory fades, Tattoos will be there .They make you unique and it is a great way of conveying your thoughts indirectly. Tattoos are profound forms of expression, a great way of showing Determination, Confidence and Love. Some people will get a tattoo to mark major events on Life and some will get a tattoo to honour their loved one. Some will get a tattoo to remember the promise made, Some for adventure and some for fun. So, if you're thinking about conveying your thoughts without any expressing yourself. You know where to find us!

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